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Welcome to Law Office of Peter J. Carman, S.C.

You are injured and want to contact an attorney

Before you call


Locate and organize all paperwork and contact information of individuals or companies involved in your matter.  Create a brief timeline of events.

Making the call


Call when you have time to discuss your case without interruption. If I am unavailable please leave a detailed message with the best time and number to get in contact with you.

Make an appointment


Plan to bring all paperwork and contact information of individuals or insurance companies involved with your claim.



Often other lawyers and past and current clients refer injured people to me.  I want to provide each client with individual time needed to properly prepare their claim.  I will refer potential clients on to other competent attorneys if my current case load requires.  

At your appointment


We will meet and I will review all the information that you have provided me.  I will provide you with feedback regarding the strengths and weaknesses of your case with the information known at that time.



All consultations are free of charge.  Personal and work injuries can be life disrupting.  Each case and client is unique.  During your case there may be periods of time where we do not communicate for months but other times we will be in daily contact.  I will require you to actively assist in litigation of your claim.