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Welcome to Law Office of Peter J. Carman, S.C.


My Office

My office is located in my home.  When I initially opened my office, it was more cost effective than office rental.  I discovered that it has provided me with a work-life balance that I desired.  I thrive in the informal, focused environment.  I like the immediate access to my files and client information and the flexibility of working from home.


Easy to Contact

I personally answer my phone calls and emails.  If I am unavailable my response time is usually within a business day and frequently within the hour.  My work style is very hands on and I am typically very direct with my responses.


Personal Attention

As my client you will always work directly with me.  I keep my clients involved in every step of the litigation process.  I will provide you with my best legal opinion based on the information available to us at any time.  Ultimately, it is your case and you make the decision!